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New York Ukulele School: Links

Shigeto Takahashi
Shigeto is a friend and fellow uke player and teacher located in Tokyo, Japan. Check out the video of him playing on Mt. Fuji at sunrise--awe inspiring!!
Lil' Rev

Rev is a world-class ukulelist folkinger from Wisconsin who specializes in Jewish/Yiddish material. He is the "real deal," a throwback to REAL music.

NY Times Ukulele Video
Our students Jennie F and Geoff S bookend this fun piece shot by the NY Times at Ukefest 2008.
It's About Music
Online record label & store where you can find more excerpts of Mark's music.
Jelvis, The Jewish Elvis
No kidding, Jelvis is a student of mine and wields a mean ukulele in his act.
Ukulele Bartt
Bartt's a new friend and a tremendously accomplished ukulelist. He's alot of fun to watch so please check out his site and the video clips of his art.
Telegraph UK
Cool article about teaching ukulele to tots in the United Kingdom. Go Liverpool!
Hypnotic Clambake

This upstate New York band covers my surf tune "Maui Fantasy" in concert. Though I've never heard their version, I am thrilled and very flattered. Thanks, Maury,  for making me "almost famous!!"