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New York Ukulele School: Endorsements

Hey Mark, I just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying working with you, and I'm getting a lot out of it.  I'm kind of amazed at where I am now vs. six months ago.  It's very cool.  I just wish I'd fallen into ukulele earlier! Anyway, you're a great teacher, and I just felt moved to write and say so!  Best, Jon (Executive Producer, NBC Television)

I am learning the ukulele and never played a string instrument. Mark makes chords make sense, and makes them easily relatable to any song you want to play. Learning from an all around musician not just someone who knows one instrument gives a more complete education and guarantees you learn the right way to play your instrument .--JL

The time I spent studying with Mark Michaels taught me how to play musically. Anyone can be a scale technician, but it takes far more to play from the heart. Mark showed me how to get inside of a song, to see how chord and melody work together, and how to use the "space between the notes"...It doesn't hurt that he knows 10,000 songs by heart!--MF, student '94-95 (PS "MF" is now a professor of music at San Francisco State College--I done good!!-MM)

Rock on man.  Before I didn't even know how to hold a I'm playing things that are starting to sound like songs, and I played a little blues riff the other night that actually made me smile.  Well worth the money in my book.  Cheers. --"Johnnie Walker"

Mark is a wonderful teacher! He instills confidence in his students. I felt as if I could play the uke even after my first lesson. By my second lesson, I was playing a whole song. He really keeps you motivated! Mark's the best! Whether it's rock, jazz, classical, folk, blues or any other genre of music he has had the versatility, skill and patience to teach me what I need to know and have fun doing it. Mark has singlehandedly given me the tools to live out a dream I've had for a long play with a band in front of a live audience, to play at my wedding and, now, to play for my friends and my baby! If you are looking for someone to unleash your inner rocker, he's the guy. Whether you are looking to become a master player with a sophisticated understanding of music theory, or just play some of your favorite tunes convincingly, Mark is your guy. "Show me how to play this!" With Mark, I can bring him any song and we will work together to learn how to play it (with or without sheet music). Mark has given me a whole new appreciation for music as I learn how different artists approach their songs.- DAMON BASCH

 Mark is a teacher of extraordinary excellence. His ability to anticipate and work with the needs and goals of a student sets him apart from others. And wow can he play.-- IJ

I had been playing for almost twenty years before coming to Mark. I had mostly been self taught, but had also gone through a succession of teachers who, while pretty good, just didn’t have the combined skills to help me get to the level of playing I wanted to get to. Mark has brought my guitar playing to an entirely new level—to the point where I now play out regularly with bands, am comfortable jamming with musicians of many different skill levels and styles, and have a greater love and appreciation for the instrument and for music in general Thanks Mark! -–Carl T

Mark Michaels has been a wonderful teacher, musician, composer and just all around great inspiration in my musical life. And on top of which he’s got a great sense of humor.-- Kevin (Stock)

Always wanted to play rockabilly guitar…never thought I’d find anyone who liked those sounds that much and could teach me…then I met Mark who literally wrote the book! Thanks for the connection back to Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and the rest of the Sun records crew! -- RG

 Mark has a strong passion for all genres of music which is present in his teachings. His hands on methods push me to better understand the foundations of jazz, improvisation, and the pursuit of self expression.--BS

He has a no-nonsense approach that shows you what your playing needs but just as importantly he helps you see what is really good about it. I’d been playing for more than 30 years when I first came to him, and he has made me a better, more effective player.-–EB

 Mark is a multi-talented musician and teacher. He is extraordinarily creative in reframing musical blocks. Time and time again he has turned my confusion into clarity.-–DL

A talented musician and a gifted teacher. Will open your eyes to the wonderful and complex world of guitar in an uncomplex manner.--Dan Kaufman, M.D.

Mark Michaels has been my music guru for a number of years. He is at the same time a fine and patient teacher, superb musician (equally adept on guitar, bass and uke) and a thoughtful and knowledgeable companion. I would recommend (and have recommended!) him highly to players of any level wishing to improve their skills and musical knowledge. In addition to his one-on-one teaching activities, he is also an excellent band leader and arranger who leads his band students through incredibly enjoyable band sessions. I think one would be hard-pressed to find better.--CG

Mark Michaels is passionate and devoted to his craft which helps the dedicated student achieve long lasting progress and enjoyment.-–PB

Mark, You and your guys were FABULOUS yesterday! We were delighted with the music, the playing, and especially the great vibe you guys projected. Perfect in every way! Thanks so much! And now, off to Hawaii for our honeymoon and to get a great uke! Best, Jon and Susan

 I came to Mark as a self-taught guitarist with plenty of holes in my technique and knowledge. Mark was able to help me fill these gaps by working from my strengths to improve all aspects of my playing. I think studying with Mark could benefit players at any level because he can easily identify and adapt to an individual student's needs. --JP

Our Students Say: - My Student Endorsements (2009)